Benzene Awareness

OSHA Act (5)(a)(1) General Duty Clause; 29 CFR 1910.1028
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Benzene is a sweet-smelling, colorless liquid that can be extracted from coal and petroleum. Benzene is mostly used as a solvent in the manufacturing processes of medicines, dyes, linoleum, oilcloth, pesticides, plastics, paints and other coatings, varnishes, lacquers, explosives, and even gasoline. Benzene is an extremely flammable substance and a known carcinogen that can cause other significant health problems. Employees who complete this course will display the ability to recognize the hazards, common sources and recommended safe work practices associated with benzene. This course is designed for all employees working in occupations that are associated with benzene hazards, and will help employers comply with OSHA’s regulations on benzene.

The employer must ensure that each operator is evaluated to confirm that he/she understands the information provided in the training.

Course Objectives:

This class will cover the following subjects:

Introduction and objectives
Identify the common uses, sources and hazards of benzene
Recognize OSHAs safety requirements for workplaces in which benzene is present
Identify possible exposure controls
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Estimated Time: 30 Minutes

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