Walking Working Surfaces




Course Training:

Walking and Working Surfaces class students will be able to conduct a hazard assessment of working

surfaces. Special emphasis is targeted on the extreme dangers when working near and around floor and wall openings, stairways, platforms,

ladders and scaffolds, and all elevated work. Attention is placed on good housekeeping and the elements of Personal Fall Protection System (PFAS) are discussed with introduction of the components of Full Body Harness, Positioning Lanyards and Anchor Points for fall protection.

The employer must ensure that each operator is evaluated to confirm that he/she understands the information provided in the training.

Course Time:


Course Content:

OSHA Walking – Working Surfaces Regulation (29 CFR 1910.21-30, Subpart D)
Key terminology and concepts
The consequences of poor housekeeping
The difference between standard rail guards and handrails
Hazards of wall and floor holes
Specifications for safe design and construction of fixed general industry stairs
Minimum requirements for dockboards
Proper care and use of portable ladders
General scaffolding requirements
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