SELA Safety Services

At SELA Safety Council we provide all of your health and safety compliance programs and ensure that they are not only effective but meet all of the industries standards for your company. We understand and can interpret which regulations apply to your operations. We will provide programs and services that fit your needs to the type of work you will be performing, and can back it with total regulatory compliance in our materials.

SELA compliance programs cover a large area in Health and Safety Fields. We carry and can provide over 252 written safety programs in the General and Construction industry. We also manage and monitor regulatory issues so that you get up to date and solid programs in OSHA, EPC, SWPPP, SPPP, SEMS, BSEE, DOT, CAL-OSHA, insurance regulations. At SELA we make sure that all of our programs meet and exceed all regulatory regulations for the area they are being applied in.

Safety Training Developer


Let SELA Safety Council design your safety training to fit the work you do in the industry.  At SELA we can make your safety training nightmares a thing of the past. With our state of the art programs and SELA development team, we can design all of your safety training needs Read More….

Safety Training Developer


SELA has online and onsite safety training for all industries.  We are a worldwide provider of over 250 classes and can have them available online or onsite for your needs.  Call us today for a quote for bundled and discounted training.Read More…

Program Maintenance


Let SELA take care of your ISN®, ISNetworld® & RAVS®. PEC Premier®, PICS®, BROWZ,ComplyWorks, Textura and other organizations that track the compliance of your company. This verification process is very time consuming.  These systems are also very complex to enter data and
understand the safety compliance terminology. Read More…

Safety Procedures and Policies


Our manuals follow all compliance regulations and exceed standards for the general industry, construction, offshore, plants etc. These plans and procedures are verified and have been audited in various areas for compliance to meet the standards above. You can rest assured that by using SELA plans
you will always be compliant and ready for any audit on your procedures.. Read More…