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Customized Safety Training


SELA can create custom safety training specialized in the industry to meet your company’s needs.  We can provide it for you and tailor your safety materials to your individual needs. We make sure we meet your goals and provide the best training material in the industry, while making training engaging and fun.

We always deliver more than a course that is just compliant. These materials are customized to
fit your needs. Our customers walk away with a sense of security that they can apply these
skills in the field and feel confident that they can do this. We make the extra effort to generate
success with compliance and the setting of the culture of working safe.

We create and have created special training as listed below:

Industry standard training
Job Specific training
Start up Program Development for plants workers
Company Orientations
Company Visitor Orientations
LOTO Developer and Verification Videos
Process Safety Developer
Emergency Response Training with Facility planning

Qualified-Certified- Safety Training

SELA is proud to say our training is beyond compliant and verified in the industry. SELA follows the following standards: ANSI, DOT, SEMS, BSEE, ASSE Z490.1-2009. We base all of our training on characterization of the training audience, trainee abilities, languages, and culture. Here at SELA we follow ANSI standards in all aspects of evaluating our training methods with our validations toolboxes to ensure our effectiveness. Sometimes training will require the need for multiple agencies and more than one method of training.

SELA can meet all of your Training needs.

Onsite Training– We can come to your location 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, and on holidays.

Online Training– Our online classes are the most comprehensive classes in the industry. They are flexible, self-paced and a cost effective advantage in today’s industry.

SELA ranks the highest in customized safety training programs in today’s industry. At SELA we design our classes for the employees job scope and titles. We make sure the training fits their industry of placement. In this way of designing training, it provides your employees with a solid learning based program. SELA follows all local, state, and federal regulations when designing the training for your company. For a custom training program for your company, please call a SELA representative and let us handle your compliance issues.