DOT Hazardous Material Transport



DOT-49 HM-126

Course Training:

DOT 49 CFR 171-180 (formerly HM-126F) Hazardous Chemical Transportation is required for employees who select or fill hazardous material packages, label containers, complete shipping papers, load or unload vehicles, trainload hazardous materials, or operate vehicles used in the transport of hazardous materials.

The employer must ensure that each operator is evaluated to confirm that he/she understands the information provided in the training.

Course Time:

4 Hr.

Course Objectives:

This class will cover the following subjects:

Transport hazardous materials
Hazardous materials classes
Hazardous materials tables
Requirements of hazardous material paperwork and packaging
NFPA 704 markings placed on hazardous materials containers and packages
Proper handling of hazardous materials
Hazard Communication (Global Harmonization System (GHS))
The penalties and consequences if proper handling is not followed
Emergency plan and how to activate it if an incident were to occur
Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG)
HAZMAT transportation security

Course Offered:
Online SELA website, Scheduled On-site Class, Program Package purchase.

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